Help an animals life with a sponsorship!
Our sponsorships are a great price and make lovely gifts suitable for any occasion.
We can personalise the certificate and add a personal message.
At Brinsley Animal Rescue we care about the environment as much as we do the animals. Our sponsorship packs are made from recycled card made in the UK and are FSC certified. We pack them in recyclable bags and packaging!
Each A5 sized pack contains a personalized certificate, an information card on the animal, an information card on Brinsley Animal Rescue, a high resolution photo, a thank you card and a personal message card if required (optional).
By sponsoring one of our resident animals, you are enabling them to live out the rest of their lives in safety, comfort and love.

Animal Sponsorship

Sponsor Claudia, the beautiful Highland Cow, by contributing to Brinsley Animal Rescue.


Sponsor Jeff The Sheep For Brinsley Animal Rescue.


Sponsor Freddie The Bull with Brinsley Animal Rescue to make a difference! Help create a brighter future.


Sponsor all the animals at Brinsley Animal Rescue


Sponsor A Hen For Brinsley Animal Rescue